Flossing Is Important

Most Americans follow the recommendations of their own dentist, and of the American Dental Association, and brush their teeth at least twice per day. Another recommendation that is put forth by the American Dental Association and by dentists everywhere is to use dental floss as a part of regular dental care. The usual recommendation for use of dental floss is to use it once per day. Flossing the teeth with some form of dental floss every night ensures adequate cleaning and will help prevent the formation of plaque.

Other benefits of using dental floss include: cleaning the gum line of every tooth, which can help prevent gingivitis, and also cleaning out any bits of food or debris from tough to reach places (such as in between the teeth) that may be missed by a regular toothbrush.

Although most people only need to see their dentist twice each year, it is very important to practice good dental hygiene every day in between visits. If you’re not a regular user of dental floss remember that it is never too late to adopt this healthy new habit. Make a resolution to use dental floss every night when you are getting ready for bed. Your dentist will definitely notice at your next dental cleaning!